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 It seems that Wainscoting (or wall paneling) is making a big come-back in home design in the last number of years. As a design element it adds detail, warmth and elegance to a room or hallway. There are many different ways to do wainscoting from fairly simple board-and-batten styles to recessed paneling, but the result is always pleasing to the eye.

 Historically, wainscoting had a practical purpose in protecting the walls from scuffs and dents in busy traffic areas of the home. Now, although still practical for all the same reasons, it is often included in home design to lend interest and texture to specific areas. Wainscoting is an economical and easy way to add market value and appeal to your home. It is elegant armor for the home.

 You may want to try a style of frame-and panel wainscoting. Nothing adds more distinction to a space than this type of wainscoting. Typically seen in entryways, hallways, dining rooms or a study, frame-and-panel is accomplished by installing box frames to the existing wall and then (optionally) adding a panel mould detail to the inside of the box. The result is a recessed panel. This method is cost effective and although it takes some planning, is classic and elegant.

 Another less formal option is beaded wainscoting. Typically found in busy or communal areas like kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms or laundry rooms, beaded wainscoting adds a cozy feeling to the room. 

 It’s easy to install, and relatively inexpensive.  For more modern and less traditional homes you can use a v-groove panel instead.  With simpler lines, this type of paneling looks stunning with urban minded designs or even “cottage-chic”.

Be sure to talk to your Builder about Wainscoting options for your new home!

Karla Mitton

Karla Mitton

Karla has worked at Vintage Mouldings Manufacturing at the head office in Truro since 2006. Karla's main responsibilities include sales and administration, but her background in Graphic Design makes her a vital part of the Vintage Mouldings marketing team in the development and promotion of the Vintage brand.

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