Energy Efficiency

Sawlor Built Homes is a certified R2000 Home Builder.

R2000 is a word that has become synonymous with energy efficiency, but what is an R-2000 home?

R-2000 homes are conceivably the most energy-efficient, environmentally responsible homes available today.

Every R-2000 home is designed, built, tested and certified to meet exacting technical standards that exceed current Canadian building codes. A unique blend of technology and craft, R-2000 homes offer significant energy savings, health and comfort advantages and are more environmentally friendly than the conventional home.

R-2000 homes can only be constructed by specially trained builders.

Features of an R-2000 Home
  • Continuous whole house ventilation
  • Environmentally friendly building products
  • A continuous building envelope to reduce drafts and cold spots
  • Energy-efficient appliances, lighting, doors and windows
  • Higher levels of insulation
  • Advanced heating and cooling systems
  • R-2000 receives a certificate from Natural Resources Canada
Benefits of an R-2000 Home
  •  Healthier indoor air quality
  •  Healthier building products and materials
  •  Reduced energy bills
  •  Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  •  Reduced water consumption
  •  Increased thermal comfort
  •  Backed by 20 years of research by the government and   industry
  •  Rigorous, third-party quality assurance
  •  Built by licensed R-2000 professionals
The Pay Back

An R2000 home typically costs 2% - 6% more than a comparable, conventionally built home, but on average:

  • Uses 30% less energy than a similar new conventional home. The difference is even more dramatic when compared with older homes;
  • Can cut your energy bills by as much as 50% over a conventionally built house;
  • Accrues savings month after month;
  • Increases the resale value of the home and may qualify for special mortgage rates at some banks;
  • Delivers intangible benefits such as comfort, improved air quality and less concern over the unpredictability of energy costs.

 Information Courtesy Nova Scotia Home Builders Association 

EnerGuide for New Houses

Developed by the Office of Energy Efficiency of Natural Resources Canada, EnerGuide for New Houses (EGNH) is a sustainable housing program designed to improve the energy efficiency of your new house. It has 2 components:

  • A rating system (on a scale of 1 to 100) designed to measure the energy efficiency of your new home.
  • A step-by-step guide that offers you the opportunity to incorporate energy efficient upgrades in to your new home.

With EGNH, we pair you up with trained energy advisors who conduct two accurate energy evaluations - one prior to building and one when the house has been built. Using the latest software, energy advisors are able to give you your estimated annual heating bill and government approved EGNH rating.

Energy advisors also work with you and your builder to offer advice on which energy efficient options are right for you, maximizing the quality and comfort of your home. By building EGNH not only are you building a greener home but you’re also saving money, increasing quality and acquiring a government approved label, securing peace of mind.

What will EnerGuide for New Houses do for me?

Energy costs are at an all-time high and are only increasing with each passing year. The EnerGuide for New Houses program is one way that you can pre-determine what your energy usage will be right from the time of construction, a significant advantage to the homeowner.

This program was designed to improve the efficiency of your new home, saving you money on your energy bills and offers a $250 rebate for those that meet the program’s criteria. Learn more about the program and how to enrol here .

Information Courtesy Nova Scotia Home Builders Association


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