The Sawlor Experience

On the road to your dream home, we care about the journey.

Sawlor Built Homes has been crafting custom homes in Nova Scotia since 1969. In that time, we’ve refined a process that makes the journey to your dream home every bit as enjoyable as the destination. Our process sets us apart and will deliver the custom built home you envisioned on time and on budget. We form a partnership with our clients and we work together for a common goal, building the best home possible and exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

As we have grown, we placed an importance on nurturing relationships with tradespeople who shared our drive for exacting workmanship. Today these relationships are solid and longstanding, bringing a great deal of accumulated knowledge into every collaboration.


The Sawlor Process

1. The Plan: 

Every Sawlor Built Home begins with a dream. Sometimes it is little more than a picture torn from a magazine and other times it is a collection of ideas from a lifetime of musings. Either way, those ideas must be developed into a set of house plans. Through its network of allied professionals, Sawlor can help you achieve the first and essential step in building your custom built home: a house plan. And you are under no obligation to contract us to build your home.

2. The Price:

Using your house plan, Sawlor will thoroughly specify everything that will go into building your custom built home and provide you with a detailed quote, a document that is usually around 25-30 pages.

We take pride in providing a "complete" service. Your quote will include everything that is required in building your dream home. Any exclusions will be clearly indicated on your quote. All Sawlor quotes include:

  • Lot Clearing & Building Permit
  • Location Certificate
  • New Home Warranty
  • Certified R2000 Construction
  • Insurance Coverage & Certificate

When accepted and signed the quote becomes Schedule B to your contract with Sawlor. Because this document contains all of the specifications for your home construction, it also becomes a complete set of instructions to the trades, providing all the information required to build your custom home to your expectations.

3. The Review:

Before we start any home we review the plan for detail. Our team is experienced in understanding form and function and identifying any inconsistencies between what you are saying and what is on paper.

Your plan will be reviewed by Keith Sawlor personally, and the leadership team assigned to the project. This team includes your:

  • Project Manager
  • Engineering Technician
  • Senior Carpenter
  • Interior Designer

Sawlor’s team of experts will scrutinize each component of the floor plan to ensure superior design and ideal placement of everything, from the location of the house on the lot to the positioning of the furniture throughout the house. We will flag any concerns in the design, address any questions you have and make suggestions to correct any foreseeable problems. All alterations are re-priced for possible cost increases or rebates and both parties will sign-off in order to proceed.

4. The Binder:

The construction of your home is a team effort. Keeping everyone on the same page is essential.

At the outset of the project, Sawlor will provide you with a binder; the binder is a single and complete reference tool that will guide you through all the decisions you have to make, connect you to the right people to ensure your decisions are well-informed and provide the trades with all the instructions they need to complete your home to your specifications. There will be extra copies of all your plans, so you have them on hand whenever you need them.

You will have decisions to make along the way that will customize your home to match your lifestyle and personality. The binder includes a decision checklist for every major decision along with due dates for each, so your project will stay on track.

5. The Work Begins:

During construction it is very common to want to change or add something that was not included in your Schedule B – Specifications for House Construction. Sawlor will review any change requests with you and provide you with a “change order” outlining any implications on the price and timing of the construction. When the change order is signed-off by you it will be added to the documentation in your binder and implemented.

6.  The Closing:

During the closing, Keith Sawlor will meet with you on site, and complete a detailed inspection of your home and any concerns that you identify will be addressed. Your glowing admiration will be noted!  You will be presented with a copy of the final bill, which will not contain any surprises, it is simply the summary of all items previously discussed and agreed upon.

7.  The Continued Service: 

After you are comfortably settled in your new home we will continue to respond to and service any concerns that may arise. Our goal is your continued satisfaction with the Sawlor experience; service after the sale is a critical component of this. Our team will be happy to respond to any concerns you may have while enjoying your Sawlor Built Home.

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Your system to new home construction is unique, efficient and highly transparent. The quality of work as well as the quality of your employees is outstanding.

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