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Building Relationships

A new home will typically take 6-9 months to complete. You will need to discuss various aspects of the project almost everyday with your Builder and his team. It will be a much easier and enjoyable experience if you have selected a builder who will listen and care.

Changing It Up!

How ready is your Builder to accommodate these changes? And at what price?

Uh Oh - It's Broken. Will Your Builder Fix That For You?

The design of today’s homes is more complex than ever. 

The design of today’s homes is more complex than ever. The various systems used for heating, cooling, and even entertainment do much more than just heat, cool, or provide entertainment. The cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and fixtures are aesthetically appealing as well as functional. When it comes to modern homes, there’s a seemingly endless list of options available to tailor your home to your needs and preferences.

With more complexities, however, come more chances for things to go wrong. It happens—but as a homeowner, what’s most concerning to you is how it’s going to get fixed. That’s why it’s important to choose a builder that has a proven track record of following up with customers and resolving the problems that occur, rather than washing their hands of the homes they’ve built—and their clients—once the keys have been handed over.

How Client Testimonials Work to Your Advantage

Protecting Your Investment

In the unlikely event that your builder does not honor its commitments, the Atlantic Home Warranty Program will step in and make sure your concerns are addressed. Just knowing your builder is a member of a reputable warranty program offers you peace of mind.


We have had other good experiences with builders before but never have we grown to trust a contractor’s honesty like we have with you. Your desire to succeed by building...

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