Susan & Patrick

Dear Keith, Since we took possession of our new home, and now that we have had the sheer enjoyment of living in it for the past year, we thought it time to drop you a line to let you know how thrilled and totally satisfied we are with the results of our relationship. Each day as we live in our new home we come to appreciate even more our surroundings and the role that you and your staff had in making our dream home a reality. Right from the time we first met to discuss our plans, to the discussions regarding construction and through the actual construction, the professionalism displayed by you and your staff certainly reinforced our decision to go with Sawlor Construction for our new home. Your reputation in this market as a builder of quality homes is not only warranted but is a reality. The core group of the Sawlor Construction Team, Marc, Tony, Mary and of course yourself Keith, are all professional people that cared about the final outcome of our building experience as if they were building their own home for their own family. There is an unprecedented attention to details by all involved and an unbelievable administration process that allows everyone to stay on the “same page” daily and takes the worry out of day-to-day decision making process. In particular it was comforting to know that any problems or concerns were addressed immediately after taking possession of our home. It is this after sales follow up that marks the difference between a good company and a great company. Everyone involved in the building of our home share common qualities – caring and professional attitudes, a willingness to please and above all else, integrity. It is impressive to see over the years that you have been able to attract the absolute tops in all the trades that are involved in the building process and it speaks volumes as to the type of organization that you have that can attract that quality of people and retain them over time. We have had nothing but joy as we experience our new home and have nothing but praise for you and your team. Everyone who enters our home comments on the quality and the attention to detail that is evident throughout. We want to thank you again for your consideration and for delivering such a quality product. We know that we will enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come. Sincerely, Susan & Patrick

Why Should Your Builder Be Safety Certified?

A builder that protects its employees and trades will work to protect your interests, and ensure a positive home building experience for all involved.

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Double Duty Rooms

Talk to your builder about the flexibility of your home design to ensure it will be able to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.


Price Versus Value

It can be tempting to go with the builder offering the lowest quote, but the lowest quote doesn’t always mean the lowest final price or the best value.

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Your company surpassed all our expectations and helped us to have features that we feel are innovative and enhance the functionality of our home.

Brian & Linda