Karen & Kevin

Sawlor Built Homes recently completed their third build for us. That in itself is the best recommendation we can offer. We first met Keith Sawlor in 1998 when we purchased a Show Home from Sawlor Construction. We purchased the home prior to completion, therefore were able to make changes that suited our needs. It was a spectacular first home but our experience with Sawlor did not end there. We were so satisfied with their professionalism, craftsmanship, organization and flexibility that Sawlor built our second home in 2007. We were more aware of what we wanted in a home and Sawlor made all those dreams come true. Although there were days that I tested Keith’s patience, he always met any of our requests with a smile and a nod. Keith’s professionalism does not end with him. He has surrounded himself with a remarkable team. Marc is forever positive and willing to make anything happen. Tony‘s attention to detail is unmatched and Mary keeps everything afloat in the office. I truly feel that Keith listens when there is a problem... especially with trades. On the rare occasion that there was a problem, we sat down until things were resolved. This summer we moved into our third Sawlor home that is intended to be our retirement home. It was a tremendous project that challenged all trades and required expertise in many areas. It turned out beautifully. Again, nothing but superior workmanship and attention to detail. The greatest quality about Sawlor Built Homes is that you can sit down in the boardroom, express your dreams and they will make them come true. Yes, this expertise came at a cost. But as we grew as a family, so too did our needs. Since the completion of our retirement /summer home, I have joked with Keith about the next build. Where do we go from here? I am unsure as to whether or not we will need another Sawlor Built Home so, at the very least; I can highly recommend them to anyone who wants a superior builder. It was our pleasure to work with the Sawlor Team. Karen and Kevin

Why Should Your Builder Be Safety Certified?

A builder that protects its employees and trades will work to protect your interests, and ensure a positive home building experience for all involved.

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Double Duty Rooms

Talk to your builder about the flexibility of your home design to ensure it will be able to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.


Price Versus Value

It can be tempting to go with the builder offering the lowest quote, but the lowest quote doesn’t always mean the lowest final price or the best value.

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I am still amazed at how this house came together. This house was simply a design I had sketched on paper, and your team made it a reality.