Joanne & Eric

Hi Keith, This has been a while coming but it has been very busy splitting ourselves between two places and getting settled. Eric and I wanted to thank you and your team for building such a beautiful home for us. We absolutely love it. As you know we had built two previous homes and were very careful about choosing a high quality builder to build what we want to be our final home. Upon meeting you your quiet confidence really won us over. As I am sure you could tell Eric can be excitable when things go wrong so your approach was very effective with him. When we began to work with your team, we began to understand fully why Sawlor has the impeccable reputation that it has as a company. Marc was great, he really made the home ours by changing the original plans to meet our lifestyle completely. He also was fun to work with and on top of any questions that came his way. His eye was on the details and he was open with us when something needed a change or there was a problem. Tony was wonderful with the final details. I had heard that it was the finish work that made a Sawlor home stand out and I am so pleased with the details Tony added. Everyone comments on the finish work inside. His ideas were great and his experience shows (I love the closet he designed for me). Mary is amazing - Keith you are so lucky to have someone like her. She was always on top of things, she responded almost immediately when there was a question or an apt needed to be made. If she didn't know the answer she was never long finding out. She has also been extremely effective in resolving any follow up issues we have had (there have not been many). I can certainly see how she keeps all you guys organized. Finally the trades people, Angus, Bruce and your suppliers, were all top notch. It was so nice to visit the house, and we did a lot, and be welcomed, asked if we had questions and treated courteously. This had not been our experience with previous builders and it was so appreciated and made such a difference. The pride they have in Sawlor and their work shows through. Keith you lead a great team. As you know I work in HR so I know that every great team has a strong leader. One of the things I liked about working with you was the appreciation and praise you had for the members of your team. So thanks to everyone on the Sawlor team - we appreciate your hard work. Joanne & Eric

Sawlor Built Home Sweet Home

After months of researching potential builders, our Homeowner’s approached us with their magazine clippings and Houzz idea books and asked if we could help them on the journey to their...

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The Importance of Ensuring Your Siding Is Installed Correctly (And Professionally!) on Your New Home

The siding you choose will certainly impact the appearance of your home, but more important, it will be your home’s first line of defense against the elements.

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2017 Peter Kohler Peak Awards

On Friday, November 17th we attended the 2017 Peter Kohler Peak Awards at the Lord Nelson in Halifax.


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It was clear that your approach was different from others. You were transparent, to the point, respectful and very professional. You made us feel good about our decision.

Branko & Tatjana