Kylie & Rob

Dear Sawlor Team, My wife Kylie and I would like to thank you for taking our dream of a new home and helping us turn that dream into a reality. We wanted to say thanks to each of you and at the same time provide a reference for others as to why they should make the intelligent decision to choose Sawlor as their new home builder. I wanted to start with explaining why we originally chose Sawlor to begin with. After meeting with several builders and a dozen quotes we sat down with Keith Sawlor. After the meeting both Kylie and I agreed that without question he left the best impression. Rather than spending much of our time telling us how great Sawlor was, like many of the others, Keith probed us with questions. I feel that because of this he truly understood what our dream was. When we went back to go over his quote Keith took the time to walk us through every aspect of the home he envisioned based on our description, from heating system to septic, to flooring and cabinetry allowances, etc. I think anyone would find this useful and as first time builders this was amazing to us. As a result of listening and caring about our vision Keith offered us a quote that was not the lowest, however also not the highest and more importantly one we felt was accurate, in line with our vision and comprised of realistic allowances that would permit us to stay on budget and very close to his initial quote. So thanks Keith for taking the time to listen to our needs and wants, walking us through your rendition of our dream and giving us an allowance that would realistically allow our dream to become a reality! Now, no offence to Keith but next we would meet two people who make the Sawlor experience a special one in our books. Mary, who is your first point of contact and always wonderful to deal with, is prompt, pleasant and professional Mary looks after you like you are family, so thank-you Mary. Then there is Marc. We would be remiss to not also thank Marc's wife and family, as he spent many evenings, which turned into nights with us, at Sawlor's head office. It was at this point we felt Sawlor really separated themselves from other builders and we knew we had made the right decision. Hours were spent in the board room with Marc adding furniture to our home design and exploring the vision for our home/family both current and future. We made many changes digitally that would have had significant costs associated with them on site. Marc's experience and opinions, without being the least bit pushy, were welcomed and invaluable. Whether it was in the board room, visiting our build site after hours or accompanying us as we looked at flooring, stone, lighting and plumbing, Marc's helpful nature, always positive attitude and wealth of experience is something we can never thank him enough for! He is a difference maker and his passion to make your dreams come true is evident with everything he does. From the bottom of our hearts Marc....THANK-YOU!! We would also like to thank Tony, our on-site Marc. I wish I could remember each member of your team’s name, however please pass along our thanks to your team. We've heard many horror stories from friends of arriving to their build site only to see things done not to plan or not to their satisfaction. Something that always impressed us with Tony and his Sawlor group was not only their fantastic work(and it is fantastic), but if there was a question, problem, bump in the road or doubt he would call first to ensure that before anything was done, we were all on the same page. It sounds so simple but makes a HUGE difference from an owner’s perspective. And again, always a smile and positive attitude whenever we arrived on site from Tony and his Sawlor team or contractors. Lastly we would like to thank Kaila Sawlor for her follow up after closing. What makes Sawlor a truly great builder is that post payment they wanted to know what they did well and where they could improve. Though we didn't have much to say on the improvement side, to us it was the sign of a company who is great at what they do and looking to continue to be an industry leader. We've been in our home three years now and couldn't be happier with the home and the experience we had creating it. That, is in large part, due to the choice we made to have Sawlor as our builder. To this day Sawlor is more than willing to help us newbie’s with follow up information or any question or concern we have. That's a wonderful feeling to know you are supported, especially when we've heard of so many builders who become ghosts after closing. So to the entire team at Sawlor thank-you so much and please never hesitate to use us as a reference, as we are more than happy to try to do our part to help such a great organization! Sincerely, Kylie and Rob

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