Irene & Marius

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Back in 2012 we were in the market to buy a house. We looked at many properties but one was clearly of exceptional building quality. The agent informed us that it was a Sawlor Built Home. It was the first time we heard this name but we immediately realized that we were onto something special.Unfortunately we were a day too late with our offer and lost the house. No matter how many houses we looked at thereafter, none came close to what we saw in that home. At the time we were not interested in building but it eventually dawned on us that this would be the only way for us to have the quality home that we were expecting.

We arranged a meeting with Keith Sawlor, at that stage we had looked at some plans but otherwise had no idea of the process of building a house. Right from the start Keith impressed us with his calm, professional demeanor, his eagerness to help and his deep knowledge of his trade. He patiently guided us through the groundwork of getting the best plan formally drafted, deciding on a lot etc. He meticulously drafted a quote that included every aspect from tree removal to the last detail on finishes. All this work he did prior to us committing to any contract.

Throughout the building process Keith was only a phone call away and he immediately took care of even the smallest requests. After signing up we met with Marc. Together we went through the plan inch by inch. This meant several late nights at our house but he kept on working tirelessly until every little detail was ironed out. Thereafter he took us “shopping”; we went to pre-arranged meetings with their suppliers to select everything from tubs and showers to fireplaces. We got to know Marc as a real workaholic and perfectionist. We admire his work ethic and his positive, upbeat view on his work and life in general. Like Keith he was always only a phone call away and ever prepared to provide advice and support even outside of what was expected; for example he intervened on our behalf in our landscaping and in doing so saved us a ton of money and eased us out of some difficult negotiations.

Tony is polite, humble and soft-spoken. Many years of experience allowed him to hone his craft to perfection. His attention to detail is admirable. The interior of our house, especially the vaulted ceiling in the dining room that he designed – and redesigned at our request halfway through construction – is testimony to his skill and talent. In his hands the trim and finishes became a work of art.

Mary Marcum is the face of Sawlor Construction and I believe that they all appreciate the gem they have in her. Her administrative abilities are truly without match. I could never understand how she manages to stay on top of all the different building projects and crews. She appreciates the technical aspects as good as any project manager; she could immediately clarify a question from a layman like me and was often able to provide me with an answer herself. She knows everyone in the business and how to utilize them to best effect. To her the customer is king and she went out of her way to ensure that our every little request or concern got attended to. We appreciated her professional disposition and diligence.

The journey with Sawlor Construction doesn’t end with transfer or even after the one year warranty, they remain committed to their product. Keith and his team excelled in customer contact, adhering to schedules, quality of materials and workmanship. We are very grateful to them for the exceptional job they did and for providing us with the peace of mind that our house was built to the highest standards. We now consider ourselves professional friends and would highly recommend Sawlor Built Homes.


Marius and Irene Hoogerboord

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