Claude & Lana

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Dear Keith,

As the first year anniversary of living in our new home approaches, we can’t help but reflect on the process of how we arrived in our dream home today. The decision to build our first home was exciting; however, it was also a bit overwhelming. With so much to consider and so much uncertainty around where to start, we knew that finding the right company that would allow us to be involved in the process from start to finish was extremely important. We were not only looking for a contractor, we were looking for a partnership. Lana and I feel very thankful to have found that partnership with Sawlor Construction.

It was shortly after the first phone call, not even knowing what questions to ask, that we were introduced to you. After we described to you our vision, you assured us that you were up for the challenge and seemed genuinely excited to take on our home construction. You said that you would treat our construction as if you were building your own home. It was that feeling that provided us with the confidence we needed to feel at ease throughout the building of our home, a typically stressful time for most.

The team at Sawlor Construction has been professional and helpful throughout the entire process. Mary, Office Manager and Receptionist at Sawlor, has been amazing at following up with details and interfacing between us and the many suppliers. She is always a pleasure to deal with and has made us feel like part of the team working on the same project. Our Project Manager, Marc Pontbriand, has been amazing to work with. Mark was extremely thorough as we drew out every detail of our home and was great at including us every step of the way as things were unfolding along with keeping us on a time line. He provided guidance and was always available to answer questions as they arose.

It was very exciting to see our new home come to life on paper in front of us. One thing that Lana and I especially liked about working with Sawlor Construction was how welcomed we felt on-site and always felt comfortable visiting the house as often as we liked. Tony, the on-site Forman, is another employee who deserves recognition. Tony was always accommodating, making sure that all questions were answered and any issues were addressed. It was under Tony’s supervision that we felt the other workers took ownership of the project. It was the largest project many of them had ever worked on residentially. As we got to know the Sawlor staff on a personal level, our confidence in the process grew significantly.

Our friends were continually impressed with the level of professionalism and the quality of work they witnessed as a Sawlor Construction standard. Often, our acquaintances would tell us about their builders cutting corners when they weren't looking. This was never the case with the Sawlor Construction crew who were exceptional at incorporating our changes to make things work. Your team has certainly gone above and beyond our expectations, continuing to impress and reaffirm our decision to work with you. As local business owners, Lana and I understand the importance and the power of word of mouth advertising. Since first breaking ground we have had literally 100's of friends and associates from all over North America at the house in various stages of construction - all of whom were impressed. We proudly tell everyone who asks who built our home and frequently rave about the incredible experience we had throughout the process.

Due to your construction efforts, our home theatre was the first in Atlantic Canada to be featured in Home Theatre Magazine, see article here. Recently, our home was also featured in the Homes section of the Chronicle Herald Newspaper, you can read the article here.  We feel thankful and proud that our home reflects the pride and the detail in which it was built. Building our home with Sawlor Construction has been an amazing experience and working with you Keith, has been a joy. We are grateful that there are people like Mary, Marc, Tony and the rest of the team at Sawlor Construction who operate with integrity, honesty and long-term vision. We would gladly open our home anytime Sawlor Construction would like to bring clients through to see the quality of work that you provide. We look forward to many experiences, projects and endeavors together in the future.

Sincerely and with much appreciation,

Claude and Lana

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Your continuing care and concern since the move, have serviced to reinforce to us that our decision to contract with Sawlor Construction was the right decision.

Donna & Robert