Christine & Barry

Dear Keith,

Our friends told us that if we had our home built by Sawlor it would be an experience like no other. They were correct as it has been an outstanding experience.

Your method of using a binder, signed change orders and consultations when needed is absolutely fantastic. We never felt left out and we never walked into our home to discover an “unwanted surprise”. The people who work for Sawlor are in a class by themselves. From Mary who runs the office with efficiency and good humor; Marc who spends many hours making sure that the project goes smoothly and in the end is what the customer wants; to the trades who without exceptions were the most polite, caring and efficient group we have ever dealt with.

Jack Conrad of Burnside Windows & Doors saw changes that needed to be made in our plans and did them and we are very grateful. Natasha Levy of The Ensuite was very gracious during our two visits to her shop and she was so helpful in ensuring we made the correct choices. The electrician, Greg Burke, and Dick from M3 were both very accommodating and each returned to our home a second time to do a walk through to confirm the location of electrical and low voltage wiring. We have only been in our home three weeks and yet from the day we moved in the house has felt so comfortable and perfect to Barry and I. Thank you for your care and concern during Barry’s illness and ensuring that the building of our home continued as planned. It has been an amazing adventure, Keith, and we would recommend Sawlor to anyone considering building a home.


Christine & Barry

Why Should Your Builder Be Safety Certified?

A builder that protects its employees and trades will work to protect your interests, and ensure a positive home building experience for all involved.

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Double Duty Rooms

Talk to your builder about the flexibility of your home design to ensure it will be able to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.


Price Versus Value

It can be tempting to go with the builder offering the lowest quote, but the lowest quote doesn’t always mean the lowest final price or the best value.

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Marc, Tony and Mary provided me with all the handholding needed during the building of our home and responded very clearly and in a straightforward manner to all the questions...

Karen & Arnold