Brian & Linda

Dear Keith,

It is now five months since we moved into our new home and we would like to, by way of this letter, reiterate the satisfaction and gratitude that we have to you and your staff for the beautiful home that we now own. We would have found it very easy to draft this letter the first week that we moved in, using all the explanative that I know, to tell you how happy the family and I are with the professional quality workmanship and dedication your staff and sub-contractors demonstrated during the construction. However, you may have felt that it would have been an impulse letter from a new homeowner exuding delight at finally getting into a new home. Rather than our sincere desire to thank you personally for all of your assistance during the months of construction as well as helping us understand some of the more salient aspects of home construction.

Our selection criteria for a home builder was quite simple, we wanted someone who was professional, could provide quality, demonstrate honesty and be patient with us during the construction period so that we had a good understanding of what was going on, while meeting the budget and time restraints imposed. Your company surpassed all our expectations and helped us to have features that we feel are innovative and enhance the functionality of our home while meeting the tight time line and budget that we had agreed.

As you may recall, we were pretty vocal about the attention to detail that we were looking for and the importance Linda and I put on getting everything just right. We were extremely impressed with the dedication and the long hours that Robert and Tony in particular, committed to this project to ensure that we were satisfied. Getting familiar with the house and its features over the last months has been fun, Kevin and Jane are very comfortable and seem to delight in touring their friends throughout and showing if off. (As do Linda and I). We have had many guests visiting as well as staying over and it is indeed gratifying to receive all the compliments, one of the most common comments is the quality of the detail work.

Your hands-on approach and enthusiasm to the construction as well as your experience certainly helped Linda and I gain tremendous confidence that we had picked the right company to do the job. Should we decide to build again, then the selection of a contractor would be simple, it would be Sawlor Construction and we would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends or anyone else that may request a reference. We had offered to give you access to the house should you have a client that was interested in building a quality home, this offer is still open if the need arises. If we make one suggestion, it would be that you maintain your personal contact with the projects, we found it invaluable that you were always accessible to advise and consult. We believe this is one of the real attributes of your company and one that is often undervalued in business today.

Keith, we would like to thank and wish you all the success in the future, I do not doubt that you will continue to grow your company with your obvious commitment to quality and professionalism.

Yours sincerely,

Brian & Linda

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