How Do You Choose the Right Mouldings for Your New Home?

Whether you are building a new home, or putting a new face on an old one, picking your trim is an important factor in achieving the overall statement you want your home to make. Unfortunately, many are at the tight end of their budgets by the time it comes to deciding on their trim, and will often compromise style on behalf of practicality.

But mouldings are worth taking the time to choose properly. Trim adds visual interest and character to a home, and can influence the mood of a room in an instant. They are an architectural element that lends authenticity to your style, and should compliment the other elements and features of your home.

Frequently, homeowners find the task of selecting their profiles overwhelming. Quite often it is easier to identify what you don’t like, and in doing so, narrowing down the choice. As always, the internet is a great tool to view style options, or a trained sales representative can guide you in making your profile choices.

The most common errors often relate to scale and profile. Trim that is too small or too overpowering for the space, or profiles that are wrong for the period and architecture of the home. When determining the size of moulding to choose, you should consider the ceiling height, and the openness of the floor plan. Often, homeowners will choose a size and profile of moulding for the main areas or main level of their home, and a slightly smaller, but similar profile for other areas such as basements or bedrooms. This allows for a cohesive design while still providing proper scale and feel throughout the home.

In the end the choice will be a balance of personal choice and conventional wisdom. It’s your space, and you should be comfortable there, so that’s what should guide you in making your decision. Your choice of mouldings, while adding beauty and warmth to your home, can also add to its appeal and resale value, as homes with quality mouldings are often seen as higher-end and therefore of better quality construction. So take the time to choose wisely. The proof is in the moulding.


Karla Mitton

Karla Mitton

Karla has worked at Vintage Mouldings Manufacturing at the head office in Truro since 2006. Karla's main responsibilities include sales and administration, but her background in Graphic Design makes her a vital part of the Vintage Mouldings marketing team in the development and promotion of the Vintage brand.

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