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Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association

The Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association has been the representative voice of the residential construction industry in Nova Scotia for over 50 years. NSHBA provides professionalism in all aspects of our industry and provide quality, affordable housing choices for Nova Scotians. The Association represents over 300 member firms made up of professional builders, renovators, developers and many other stakeholders in the residential construction industry. View NSHBA's website here. 

R2000 Standard

The R-2000 Standard is a series of technical requirements for new home performance that go way beyond building codes. Every R-2000 home is built and certified to this standard. R-2000 is made-in-Canada home building technology with a worldwide reputation for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. The Canadian Home Builders' Association works with Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency which manages R-2000 on behalf of the federal government in support of R-2000 technology, builders and consumers. Learn more about R2000.

EnerGuide Program

An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home's energy performance. Natural Resources Canada developed the EnerGuide Rating System to help home builders evaluate their house plans for energy efficiency and provide energy efficient upgrade options for customers. The home's energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being airtight. Learn more about the EnerGuide Program.

PerfomancePlus Rebates

With PerformancePlus, you get access to valuable energy analysis tools and can earn rebates on your new home when you build with energy saving measures. Homes in the program are given an EnerGuide rating between 1 and 100 - the higher the number, the more efficient the home. Rebates are paid once the home has received its final EnerGuide rating following final inspection and a blower door test. To be eligible for rebates, the completed home must have a final EnerGuide rating of at least 83, and meet all program eligibility criteria. To learn more about how you can earn rebates when building your new home, check out this website.

Efficiency Nova Scotia 

Efficiency Nova Scotia has been helping Nova Scotians reduce their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency since 2009. Efficiency Nova Scotia is independent of both Nova Scotia Power and government. It’s not a crown corporation or a provincial agency. That’s the way Nova Scotians wanted it. During the public consultations that helped create Efficiency, Nova Scotians said power utilities were in the business of selling energy, not conserving it, while with government in charge, efficiency programs can fluctuate or be discontinued depending on political agendas or changes in government. It was decided that a regulated, independent body should be in charge of conservation and efficiency programs in Nova Scotia. It’s an approach that has thrived in other jurisdictions around the world. Learn more about Effieciency Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Home Warranty

Atlantic Home Warranty (AHW) was established in 1976 to provide new homebuyers protection and better confidence in Builders. AHW has representatives in all four Atlantic Provinces, but main headquarters are in Halifax. As a not-for profit organization, AHW is comprised of over 750 Builder Members and guided by a Board of Directors. Together they protect homebuyers by providing a third party home warranty through individual Builder Members. AHW allows homebuyers to gain the peace of mind in knowing that one of the biggest investments of their lives will be well protected for 7 years. To encourage this quality service, AHW requires that all their Members take special training courses to maintain knowledge of all proper building codes and practices. Learn more about Atlantic Home Warranty.

2018 Kohltech Peak Awards - Most Energy Efficient New Home

We are proud to announce we brought home the Most Energy Efficient Home award in the Most Outstanding New Home category at the 2018 Kohltech Peak Awards.

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