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After months of researching potential builders, our Homeowner’s approached us with their magazine clippings and Houzz idea books and asked if we could help them on the journey to their Home Sweet Home. We assured them we could! Because of the uniqueness of our Clients and their dream home, we documented the building process to share with our Fans!

It is very important to keep your jobsite neat and tidy. As you can see below, our crew has organized their tools and materials are stacked nicely around their poured gingerbread foundation. Every home must start with a solid foundation! (Learn more about jobsite safety and maintenance.)

SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread1

The walls are going up! It is important that your structure is straight, square, plumb and level! Framed with clean, kiln dried gingerbread and lots of insulating icing materials. This home will be extremely warm and comfortable! 

At this time, Homeowners are thinking about all of the Decisions they will be signing off on in the near future. (Learn more about the interior and exterior decisions a Homeowner will make during the building process)

SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread3SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread2SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread4

The home is now roof tight and the homeowners are ready to select their exterior selections. Always use a high quality roofing product that has a great warranty. This will ensure years if trouble free service! (Learn more about Exterior Selections)  

SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread7SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread8

Our sweet Homeowners stopped by for a visit! They are very happy with the progress thus far. Communication with our Clients is critical to ensure an enjoyable building experience. Don’t forget, hard hats and work boots must be worn on site! (Learn why "Communication is the Key to Your New Home")

SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread6

Our Homeowners have signed off on the exterior decisions. Installation of the shingles is coming along nicely! Our Homeowners have decided on charming candy finishes including Natural Gingerbread with White Frosting Shingles. Natural Gingerbread Siding paired with Fondant front door & matching window sills.

The installation of exterior finishes must be completed correctly and professionally! Poor installation will cause you and your builder a lot of grief! Decorative details such as gum drops and jelly beans should be securely fastened in place, without compromising the integrity of the roofing membrane. (Learn more about the importance of ensuring your siding is correctly installed)

SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread18 1

Our Happy Homeowners are excited to move into their brand new home! We wish them and ALL OF YOU a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

 SawlorBuiltHomes Halifax NovaScotia CustomHome GingerBread20 1

Kaila Sawlor Sawlor Built Homes Custom Home Builder in Nova Scotia

Kaila Sawlor

Kaila is the Marketing Manager of Sawlor Built Homes. She continuously updates our profile on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, and is focused on all marketing initiatives.

A third generation family member of Sawlor Built Homes, Kaila joined the company in 2011. She is an active member of the Canadian Home Builder's Association - Nova Scotia Marketing Committee and she continues to update her education and training, intent on becoming an industry leader in new home marketing.

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