Is Greige for You?

Choosing a colour scheme for your new home can be downright overwhelming. Who would have thought colour could be so confusing? When you are selecting your wall colours there is a certain sense of commitment involved. One way to alleviate some of the fear of finality is to choose a colour that will blend seamlessly with your current tastes and decor but is flexible enough to allow for some evolution of style or even seasonal changes.

When you mix a little grey in with beige you are left with a wonderful warm neutral that we call “greige”. These hues range from soft putty shades to dramatic nebulous colours and seem to have an almost chameleon-like quality. They work with a wide ranging palette and transform considerably with the changing light of the day. 



Sticking with a neutral backdrop allows an extraordinary amount of flexibility in your decor. For example, in a neutral living room, you can create drama during the holidays by adding rich saturated accents in jewel tones. Adding pillows, throws, and drapery in rich amethyst, ruby and magenta will create a dramatic lively space. The same room, however, can be transformed into a serene summer retreat by removing the bold accents and placing accessories in soft watery blue-green hues around the room. 

When you have the ability to change the look of your room so simply you may just realize that choosing wall colour just may be an easier decision that you thought! Of course neutral walls are not for everyone. To be sure that you have chosen the best wall colour scheme for your new home, you can enlist the aid of an interior decorator, one of Sawlor Built Home’s complimentary services!


Kimberley Eddy & Susan Mills

Kimberley Eddy, owner of Evolve, is an Accredited Interior Decorator and holds the designations of IDDP (International Design and Decorating Professional) and ISRP (International Staging and Redesign Professional) from the QC Design School. In addition, she holds two degrees from Saint Mary's University; B.A. and B. Ed. Kimberley sits on the Board of Directors with the Nova Scotia Interior Decorators' Association and believes that professional development plays an integral part in this continually changing and evolving profession.

Susan Mills is among Halifax's prominent interior decorators and is the owner of the regions successful and versatile full service decorating companies that features new construction, interior updates and visual solutions to transform your space. Visit Susan's website to learn about her and see examples of her work.

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