Contemplating Countertops

There are a multitude of countertop choices for your kitchen; each collection has its own strengths and weaknesses. Man-made Quartz is an amalgamation of natural quartz mineral, resins and pigment. This material offers top of the line durability, and thanks to its non-porous nature, it’s also mold and stain resistant. Although, some colourways can be lively, there are monochromatic schemes for people who prefer a more tranquil look. Maintenance is minimal. But this performance comes at a premium.

Granite and other natural stone have a personality of their own. No two pieces are the same. With veining and colour variations you can choose your countertop as you would a piece of art; picking out which slab “speaks to you” at the warehouse. Maintenance is fairly low and requires sealing periodically. Because some stones, like marble for example, are more porous it is important to choose a material with resilience enough to suit your lifestyle.

Laminate countertops are the most budget friendly of the alternatives. Improvements have been made in recent years to improve their resemblance to natural materials. However, due to their composition, they are not suitable for use with undermount sinks.

There are other materials out there including concrete, bamboo, and butcher block as well. And we haven’t even mentioned the variety of colours that can be chosen from! Because of the diversity, this is one area where homeowners often find it helpful to consult with an interior decorator for advice. An Interior Decorator can help to narrow down the overwhelming choices and focus in on the countertops that will best complete your kitchen!


Kimberley Eddy & Susan Mills

Kimberley Eddy, owner of Evolve, is an Accredited Interior Decorator and holds the designations of IDDP (International Design and Decorating Professional) and ISRP (International Staging and Redesign Professional) from the QC Design School. In addition, she holds two degrees from Saint Mary's University; B.A. and B. Ed. Kimberley sits on the Board of Directors with the Nova Scotia Interior Decorators' Association and believes that professional development plays an integral part in this continually changing and evolving profession.

Susan Mills is among Halifax's prominent interior decorators and is the owner of the regions successful and versatile full service decorating companies that features new construction, interior updates and visual solutions to transform your space. Visit Susan's website to learn about her and see examples of her work.

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